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I’m too very quick to jump to my own fearful conclusions.

This morning I was reminded. Outside our bedroom window I heard our neighborhood “cusser.” This is a 26-or-so-year-old Black man who walks with his earbuds and cusses very loudly. I assume he’s listening to some horrific, explicit rap music as he “sings” or cusses along… again, extremely loud.

My quick conclusion was to keep my eye out for this guy. I should scurry my sheltered children inside, as he walks by our fence cussing and rapping… loudly.
My neighbor confirmed my fears one day as we talked about the mysterious, dangerous, perhaps murderous Black rapper of the neighborhood. Indeed, my neighbor DID pull his kids inside as our urban legend walked by “singing”… again, loudly.

black man with earbuds

So… one day as Sherry and I were taking our juice walk, the rapper turned the corner coming right towards us. I stepped chivalrously in front of Sherry. And then… as the angry Black man passed… I said, “Hey, what’s your name? I see you walking all the time, and I wondered what your story was?” His name is Alex, I think. Sherry and I argued whether it was Andrew, Andy, or Alex. I think our fear excoriated our hearing.

What would it take for me to love instead of assume? How do I stop jumping to conclusions, getting stuck in fear, and harvest great stories instead?

On Sunday we’ll talk about gospel running. It all hinges on the BIG DAWG verse found in Galatians 5:6. We’ll be studying our way through Galatians 5:6-12. There’s a runner, a baker, and a Jewish mohel awaiting us. As we gather, I hope Jesus shows us how to love in ways we couldn’t on our own. I’m praying Cumberland and your soul will be a place where “#love lives here.”

I’m enjoying our summer together. Our trek through Galatians as Ragamuffins has been good, challenging, and practical. The Gospel is being rooted deeply into our foundations on a weekly basis. We’re exposing religion and “doing” and “works” for what it is, and IT is unable to save us. Let’s gather on Sunday at 9 and 11 a.m. for more Ragamuffin training. Bring a friend with you. Bring someone who is tired of law-keeping religion.

And… don’t assume anything as you come to church. The gospel story of Jesus is a powerful thing to be exposed to. Someday, I hope I can introduce you to Alex.. or Andy… or Andrew. Can’t wait…



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