a glimpse towards Sunday 4.8.16

Aren’t feasts fun?

This week, my son, Michael, planned a gourmet burger feast for the 50th birthday party of a friend. He planned, and schemed, and worked at having big, juicy, thick turkey burgers piled with lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, BBQ sauce, onion rings, pickles, bacon, and topped off with a toasted, buttered buns. Wow. It really was a feast!


The best part went well beyond the eating. The people, laughter, friendships, gift giving, Blue Ridge cabin, and photographic moments captured the true spirit of this rich banquet. What Michael thought was merely a burger feast was an event where food wasn’t the only source of nourishment.

Each November we will travel sixteen hours for another extended family feast. Thanksgiving affords a reconnect, a tap into heritage, laughter & relationships to chase away isolation, and soul sustenance beyond the long table of food.

Did you know the Kingdom of God is compared to a feast? Did you know the Kingdom of God is also NOW, and not just something up there, somewhere, some day for later? We are a part of a feast with pie now, AND pie in the sky later in heaven.

And you thought God was about hard rules, coloring within the lines, and NOT doing things we’re told not to do — including NOT smiling. The Kingdom is a feast. It’s a banquet, and we’re all invited.

Will you come? Do you know some invited guests eventually prove to be too busy to attend? Will that be you? There are also some who don’t think they’re worthy enough to sit at the table. Is that you? However, the table has been set. The preparations and work have all been done. You coming? You bringing anyone with you? The Kingdom is a feast. It’s a banquet. Time to belly up!
On Sunday, we’ll be worshipping, praying, and teaching through the Kingdom of God. We’ll be challenged by the banquet. We’ll be invited to the feast. God has a unique table set for CCC. As we look at our present status within our “30 Years Of Grace,” there’s a feast for us to consider now. There’s a feast begging for others to be invited to as well.

Our text come Sunday will be Psalm 145:1-13 and Luke 14:12-24. If you want to come even more prepared for the feast, take the time to read these two rich passages.

Sunday will be our second week of our 30th Anniversary Celebration at Cumberland. Last Sunday we took a look back at our past. This week we’re considering our present. It’s a feast. Don’t miss it!

I’m anxious to teach and gather with you at 9 & 11 a.m.



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