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I can talk vision all day long. I can see tremendous possibilities for the future of Cumberland and where God might be leading us.

You should be a little weary of such bold language from your Pastor. Why? Because IF I only give you my vision, you and the church at Cumberland may be robbed of God’s greater vision encompassing immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine — according to His power at work within us, and for the fame of Jesus and His Church.

This Sunday we’re talking about vision. A preferred future. Our past informs our present banquet table, and our present points to a very pregnant future. What is God’s preferred future and vision for Cumberland? AND… how do we move forward as a church in a culture preferring to stop us in our tracks? Did you know the American Library Association just listed the top ten most challenged books in America. “Challenged” books are works receiving the most complaints from schools and libraries requesting a certain book be removed or restricted because of it’s content or appropriateness.

One of the top ten books was “Fifty Shades of Grey.” No surprises there. Eight other books were challenged because of sexual content, violence, or offensive language. For the first time, the Bible rounded out the top ten most challenged list. Typically and repeatedly a top seller, the Bible is now being vigorously challenged to be removed from entities of learning and inspiration.

How does the church move forward in an anti-church world? What IS God’s vision of a preferred future for His Bride to prevail?

On Sunday, we’ll be looking creatively at I Peter 2:9-12. There are things for us to grab onto before we grab onto God’s vision for Cumberland. If we do this one right, I believe there is a vision and a future immeasurably more than any of us can imagine. You IN? ALL IN?

I’m excited to teach this third installation of our “30 Years of Grace” series. Our series will conclude on April 24th with a huge celebration service as the past has moved us to the present which points to our God-future. See you at 9 & 11 a.m. Bring a friend along for the ride!



p.s. — If you’re a newcomer, our MERGE class begins this Sunday night at 6:30. It’s my privilege to teach this class. You can sign up by CLICKING HERE.

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