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Hanging in my closet is a really old varsity Letterman’s jacket . There’s a big, orange “W” and “Spartans” on the back. “Alan 78” is embroidered on the left chest area. White leather sleeves MAKE this jacket the absolute bomb. Still pinned to my jacket are gold tennis rackets and cross-country feet for the years I made the Spartan sports program proud!

I donned that old musty jacket the other day and walked downstairs into the kitchen. Michael said, “What’s that?” Sherry just smiled and gave an affirming, “It still fits.” She’s a beautiful liar.
varsity jacket

A flood of rich memories stirred within as I turned back the years. My Letterman’s jacket is like a good, old friend. He rode with me in the homecoming parade as I drove queen candidate, Charlotte Campbell, in a borrowed 1969 Corvette. There were a few nervous dates my shrouding friend got me through. Cold Friday nights at football games and packed gyms for basketball gave opportunity for some varsity swagger as my jacket and me made our presence known. My coat of shining, white leather sleeves was especially powerful when I wore the orange and black of Waynesville High into an opposing school’s gym. THAT was awesome!

Isn’t it funny how something of the past, when we think about it, has shaped us in ways deeper than originally intended? In some ways, that old Letterman’s coat still has some shaping qualities. It’s why I’ll never let it slip into uncaring hands through a calloused garage sale. At least not while I’m still alive — or as I’ve told Sherry, “Not over my dead body!”

Do you think our history has a way of shaping our present and future?

Our Christian faith is one of remembering and memorial. The Sabbath, Passover, Christmas, Easter, and Communion are strong remembering components of what we practice and believe. In our remembering we tap into a greater story of God and consequently our present and future paths. When we forget, it’s to our own peril.

I’m excited about our new series taking flight this Sunday called “30 Years Of Grace.” Cumberland Community Church turns 30 years old this year! Wow. The story of God’s grace on our place is incredible. We will the story this Sunday as we take a Biblical look at our past. A very special timeline wall is being put up in our front lobby. Jacob Frye has labored exhaustively to give us a wonderful video telling God’s story from 1985 til present. You’re going to be blown away. There’s a richness we’ll be delving into that an invited friend will certainly appreciate too.

And… we will all be challenged with the level of God’s story in our own lives as well.
Our text is Psalm 102. It’s such a great, practical, felt piece of scripture.

I’m looking forward to being with you and teaching as God’s greater history continues to unfold in all our lives and CCC.



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