a glimpse towards Sunday 4.29.16

Think about your time in Middle and High School. What are the first things that come to mind?

Is it baggy jeans, bleached-blonde hair, and beaded necklaces? Or is it neon colors, acid washed-jeans, and a perm? Maybe even bell-bottoms and platform shoes?

Or was it listening to 90’s music on your brand-new, anti-skip “Disc-Man?” Or maybe 80’s music on the bright-yellow “Walk-Man” cassette player or even 70’s music on the 8-track…

Or maybe your mind goes to the tension you felt as a teenager. The struggle to find your place among the crowd, where it was that you “fit in”. Maybe you remember the pressure to keep your grades up and get accepted to college, or the pressure to perform on the ball field.

Maybe you even remember what it was like to ponder what you would do with your life, how you would impact the world around you… all while trying to catch the eye of your crush who was way out of your league.

And maybe, just maybe, you remember what it was like to try to figure out where a faith in Jesus fit in to all of that. Maybe, like me, you grew up going to church, and you remember what it was like to experience a culture that seemed to agree with what you’d always believed less and less. Or maybe you saw peers around you that went to church on the weekends and they seemed to, at the very least, have something that you felt like you needed as well.

Culture changes over time, there’s no doubt. But whether you grew up with the original Star-Wars, Top-Gun, or The Hunger Games, there are tensions that stretch across these generations.

Think back to Middle and High School. Who was as person that impacted you? Who was a person that showed up in your life? Who was a person that met you in the middle of all of your messiness and walked beside you, pushed you from behind at times, or even pulled you along when things got tough?

Today’s students need that person more than ever.

This Sunday, our communion will be served by Middle and High School students and their families. Our Worship will be lead by student musicians and a student choir. Students will be helping with lights, sound, and media.

Our Student Ministry is ready to meet you in worship, wherever you’re at. Will you meet them where they are? Will you walk beside, behind, and help lead them through the tension?

I look forward to seeing you there this Sunday, as we celebrate CCC’s youth, and as we look at what tension really means in our faith, and how it demonstrates the power of the Gospel!

I can’t wait!


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