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MD2016_emailpostHow many pastors does it take to replace a light bulb? Some say it depends on the flavor of pastor. It would take ten Pentecostal pastors — one to change the light bulb, and nine to pray against the spirit of darkness. A Baptist pastor could not change the bulb himself without a congregational vote. Only one TV preacher would be required, but there would be a huge need for one hundred people to sow a seed offering of $1,000 or more. Amish pastors would ask, “What’s a light bulb?” How many Catholic priests would it take? None. They use candles. And… Calvinist pastors would simply refuse to change a light bulb. Only God can predestine when light bulbs go on or off.

Now that I’ve offended a few and hopefully made ALL smile (please… no emails!!),
when was the last time you changed a light bulb all by your capable self?


This past week I spotted a light bulb out in our dining room. I grabbed a new bulb and proceeded to make the change without elder consensus! But when I touched the darkened bulb, it suddenly came on. Perhaps I’m more charismatic than I knew! (you’re still smiling… aren’t you??!)

I silently ruminated how the bulb was making contact with the socket, but was not fully connected. The difference between contact and connection can be critical.

Marriages can have contact, but no connection. Multiple friends allow for contact, but a few band of brothers or sisters allow for connection. My quiet time of study and prayer can have contact, but my unhurried listening and power of the Holy Spirit allows for connection.

Some Christians are content with a religion of minimal contact on Sunday mornings. Others seek a hungry, deeper, relational connection with a living Jesus.

On Sunday, we’ll be exploring together the idea of contact vs connection.

It will be MOTHER’S DAY! It looks to be a great day both inside and outside the walls of CCC. I hope you’ll celebrate with us the special moms and women in your life. As many know, we always pull off some very special, great surprises on Mother’s Day. This Sunday will be no exception. Men AND women… young and old alike… will not want to miss this one.

It will be good for us to gather at 9 & 11 a.m. — 3110 Sports Ave. — where the Bride of Christ at Cumberland meets for the fame of Jesus. I sure hope to see you there! We’ll be asking the Holy Spirit to help us go beyond contact to connection.

Blessings My Friends,

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