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I’m in Clarksville, Tennessee. We’re visiting my sister and brother-in-law for the holidays. My mom, brother, and his family also came in. Let’s do the math… There are six of us Georgia Scotts. Add in five Arizona Scotts. My sister’s family adds another four mouths to feed. Round out the equation with a few boyfriends and girlfriends, my mom, and Lucy the devil dog — our grand gathering tally hits a magical nineteen.

Did I mention the creative sleeping arrangements? Oh yeah. The early birds get the hot showers. I did. 🙂

I’m confident my glorious scenario is being repeated over and over again across this great holiday land. I’d love to hear about your family gatherings.

In the middle of CCC’s glorious Christmas scenario was a focus on the EPIC gospel. Did you catch the Christmas Eve service? We creatively attached the components of the gospel (creation, fall, redemption, restoration) to the birth of Christ. We also did this through sticky faith programming.  If you missed it, you can click here and soak it all in.

Additionally, from Thanksgiving through Christmas, we encouraged EPIC giving.  The finances of CCC are ending strong.  EPIC.  Thank you.  (You can still give through year’s end via our e-give.) Many have graciously used our e-give.  This is such a great and consistent help with our planning.   I believe because so many have been gripped and saved by an EPIC gospel, tremendous giving has resulted.  As a result, we’ll start the year with a tremendous and positive mandate to remain aggressive with the restorative light of Jesus.

Many have also given to our global efforts through www.spendless2givemore.org.  Last year, over $12,000 was given to: fully support the 25 kids at Beat the Drum Home (kids with HIV/AIDS);  educate 30 kids attending Tumaini School; assist 60 widows in their distress; and support Pastor Francis in Kinangop and Pastor Ezekiel in Mathare Slum.

As of today, approximately $7,000 has been generously given to these international efforts.  We’re hoping and praying for a total of $15,000 given to love our brothers and sisters in such far away, difficult places.

It’s not too late to give, if you haven’t had the chance.  Just exploring the www.spendless2givemore.org website will widen eyes and create EPIC awareness. If for no other reason, going to this incredible website will help you to pray for the people Cumberland is partnering with.

BTW… did you know the Groff family took off on Christmas day to experience an EPIC Christmas in India with the great kids at Tabitha’s Heart?  Now THAT’S EPIC!

May we ALL remain EPIC. Thanks for WHO you are. See ya’ll NEXT YEAR!


p.s. – remember: NO SERVICES AT CCC THIS SUNDAY. It’s “church in a bag” Sunday!


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