a glimpse towards Sunday 1.3.14


Ahhh.  A new year.  Feels good, doesn’t it?

I dove into some Cobb County prison ministry last night with Mike Storck.  All the inmates were banking on a fresh start in a new year.  Some were getting out in a matter of days, and were making big resolutions to never return to such horrific circumstances.

What resolutions and changes am I making?  I’m beginning a new book.  “Raising P.K.’s”  (Advice for the parentally challenged).  My last one, “I Quit Being A Christian To Follow Jesus” is a few days away from being published as an e-book.

I’m cleaning my office.  Hopefully, I’ll return to a more regular exercise routine.  The holidays and peanut brittle left little time for cardio.  The elder’s are going to begin a study in Acts.  We’ll wrap up our EPIC Mark series in February, and then begin a short marriage series followed by Genesis.  There’s much in the works, and many changes are on their way.

So on this third day of January, guess what I’m thinking most about.   Can you take a shot?  If you said, “THE BEACH,” you nailed it.  Vision and warm fuzzy daydreaming come storming into my cold office as I ponder waves, sun, and 85+ degrees.

I can think about Michael and I jumping into salty waters just in front of our towels and beach chairs.  Within minutes we’ve drifted miles south, and can’t find our sandals.  Have you had that happened before?  Unless we strain and push against the currents, we always drift to places we never intended.

What resolutions and changes are on your radar in this new year?   Where are you right now as you jump in?  How will you intentionally stay on course with invigorating plans?  Unless you strain and push against current flow of culture, you’ll end up at a place unrecognizable — and maybe lost.  What IS your plan, really?

On Sunday, we’re back in Mark.  Go ahead and take a new year’s look at Mark 15:1-15.  Jesus is face to face with Pilate.  Pilate has a tremendous encounter with Jesus.  Will he change?  Will a supernatural encounter be conducive to new plans and resolutions… or will the flow and current of the crowds be determining factors?

The strain against the crowd and towards Jesus remains difficult waters we must navigate today — especially as 2014 gets going with big ideas of change and resolve.

I hope one of your resolutions is to be an active part of the glorious Bride of Christ.  I trust you’ll strain and push against the flow to gain community and Kingdom engagement at Cumberland in 2014.  As we gather on Sunday, I’m praying Godly change and transformational resolutions will be made.  Let’s encourage and challenge each other.  Let’s adore Jesus, and let our worship keep us on His path.

See you on Sunday!  It’ll be good to get going again… 9 & 11 a.m.

p.s. – LADIES… don’t forget the new Precepts class starting this Sunday. CLICK HERE for a video preview!



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