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Sherry asked me last Sunday if I was planning a “real” Christmas message.  She lovingly handled my fragile ego by saying she’s liked what I’ve done with the Mark study through Christmas, but still wondered if Christmas would come barreling through upcoming messages a bit more.  Hmmm.

I quickly thought about eggnog in communion cups.  THAT would probably get me fired.  I could preach in an ugly Christmas sweater.  The band could all wear Santa hats.  A snow machine in the lobby might help.  My brainstorming had begun.

On Sunday, I’ll be making my wife happy, happy, happy.  There will be a crudely made Christmas manger with wood, straw, and cloth.  Did you know the Bible says those physical things we attach to the very first Christmas were signs?  What do those signs mean?  What did they point to?

Will we still be in Mark?  Yep.  Mark 14:53-65.   Jesus is a Judge being judged.  Imagine that.  There’s wood, straw, cloth, and a Judge.  Who is Jesus?  Your answer matters greatly to how you view life, others, and God.  Your perspective will determine your Christmas.  Let’s gather on Sunday at 9 & 11 a.m. to challenge and celebrate.  Bring a friend.  Kyle and Megan have a wonderful gathering planned.  The Kid’s ministry area will be rocking with the significance of Christmas.  No kid wants to miss this one!

Sunday will be December 22nd.  Just three days away from the much-anticipated day.  We NEED this gathering.  We need to pray, worship, and be washed with the Word and not mere holiday cheer.  An examination of Jesus and our hearts is a necessary exercise with the crazy lurking all around us.

Did you hear who died this week?  Al Goldstein.  His life and accomplishments were heralded and celebrated.  Goldstein brought hard-core pornography into the mainstream.  Maybe now I know why Miley Cyrus’ video has over 400 million Youtube views.  Her explicit new album went gold in it’s first week.  Her graphic loss of innocence is being globally funded… heralded… indeed, celebrated.  Barbara Walters picked Miley as one of her top ten most interesting people.  Walters also picked the Duck Dynasty guys — all except Phil Robertson.

Phil, the patriarch dad, referred to the Bible and sinners in a recent GQ interview.  A&E banned Phil from the Duck Dynasty show as punishment for his “intolerant” words.  There are so many perspectives on this latest media firestorm.  Your perspective on Jesus will determine where you land.  Wood, straw, cloth, and a Judge will be determining factors… Christmas signs.

You want Christmas to be warm, meaningful, and Christmassy?  Decide who Jesus is.  Let’s talk…  See you on Sunday!  You can sit with Sherry!! 🙂


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