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At the end of August, my passionate daughter, Lauren, decided she wanted to connect with our subdivision kids.  Lauren began a Wednesday game night.  We’ve seen 40+ come and go through kickball, capture the flag, zombie apocalypse games (don’t ask), and Wiffle ball.

Over the past several months, we’ve begun to know many of the kids… especially one young man dubiously named P.C.   P.C. is from Paulding County.  He’s ten.  After school, He stays with his grandparents until his mom comes and picks him up.  P.C.’s grandparents live in our subdivision.  However, he’s starting to move in with us.  Sort of.  Last night he was at our house from 4 til 8:15 p.m.  I made some fresh juice for P.C.  He frowned and moaned trying to throw down two swallows.

I began asking P.C. about his parents.  Divorced.  There doesn’t seem to be much relationship with his father.  Maybe that’s why he was soaking up time with me.  The more I inquired, the more brokenness was seen as a part of P.C.’s life portrait.

Then late last night, I learned of a good friend who was sentenced eight years for a crime he didn’t commit.  His accuser was a girl in a former youth group, who, some seven years later, remembered things.  No evidence.  No smokin’ gun.  There was, however, a D.A. running for governor who wanted to make a statement.  A young girl making an accusation towards a youth pastor was all a Colorado judicial system needed.  I was and am shocked.

This morning, Sherry was worried about having P.C. hanging out at the house too much.  For the same reason I don’t counsel females with my door shut, Sherry was suddenly concerned with a mere accusation.  The ramifications, it seems, could ruin our family.

The kingdom of this world is broken.  Power, control, our driving need to be right and better, pride, fame, money — these are the values most highly touted.  The adorable baby in the manger came to crash head first into this same brokenness to show us another way.  He became messy because of our mess, and pointed to a different kind of Kingdom.  It’s an upside down Kingdom.

On Sunday we’ll be taking a look at the arrest of Jesus (Mark 14:43-52), and this upside down Kingdom announced by Jesus 2013 years ago on a silent night.  He was Lord at His birth, and brought a new kingdom with Him.  We’ll have a full stage of musicians and singers to celebrate and help us experience the person of Jesus.  He made a way for life to be lived differently in a broken kingdom world.

I trust you’re needing the washing of the Word like I am during this very hectic holiday season.  Let’s gather at 9 & 11 a.m. to focus and turn things upside down.  Hanging in the balance are eternities dubiously named, P.C.



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