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I wrestled with a bit of the flu this week. We had been in Indiana in a crowded, warm house for several days over Thanksgiving. An invasion of germs did a hostile takeover of my smoothie, juicing, supplement regimen. I wound up in bed for a whole lousy day. To my chagrin, I discovered, again, how misery does really enjoy company.

I turned the TV on. Have you watched late morning and afternoon TV lately? Misery. A plethora of TV Judge shows abound. Judge Judy, Joe Brown, Alex, Mathis, Maria Lopez… are just a few. Did you know Kathy Lee is still around? Tech school commercials are in full bloom to ensure anyone sitting on the couch not working feels appropriately guilty. Soaps kick in after lunch and so did my nap. I awoke to Dr. Phil, Ellen, and more riveting courtroom drama. I needed more Advil.

I had a sermon to write, appointments to keep, and a pile of emails to get to. Having the flu and watching sick TV shows became a wet blanket on my desires to get at it. Nobody likes a wet blanket… literal or figurative.

This Sunday is December 8th. We’re in the thick of our 2013 Christmas season. We’re also in the thick of Jesus’ final days in our study of Mark. How do you justify Christmas and warmth and candles and the smell of pine trees with the agony of Jesus found in Mark 14:32-42? Maybe it’s a Christmas wet blanket.

But… we should be getting our Christmas on — all up in here. Right? Wouldn’t a study of angels and shepherds and mangers be better time spent in our Christmas gatherings? Shouldn’t we get after the REAL meaning of Christmas?

Yep. And that’s what we’ll do by staying in Mark this Christmas. Some will think I’m a wet blanket advocate this Sunday, others will see differently. Did you know wet blankets are a good first defense in the case of a house fire? Hmmm. The agony of our faith can have a significant place in our celebration of Christmas if we just look… deeper.

I’m anxious and excited to teach this Sunday.  Our text finds Jesus in Gethsemane. He’s struggling. Our time together will find us attaching greater meaning to the Christ child and Christmas. You should bring a friend to this one!

Our music will feature many of our worship leaders like Ben Fabie, Ryan Hodge, Paige Overstreet, Kyle, Megan, and Ray Hilton. Jordan Wardach will present our gripping scripture in a very dramatic way. You’ll be challenged to look deeper into the birth and purpose of our Savior and your own life. Does THAT sound like a wet blanket? Maybe you’ve been watching too much afternoon TV. Sure hope you’re not sick!

See you Sunday… 9 & 11 a.m.



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