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EPIC_kmn_July2013_emailscott fam reshoot

Take a look at the above photo.  There’s a ten-year difference between takes.  Which one of the Scott clan do you think has changed the most in ten years?  Who hasn’t changed, and who’s the guy in the right hand corner needing some Grecian Formula beard help?  This fun little digital exercise caused great pause and wonderful memories to flood our souls.  Sherry and I can see the shaping of unique and magnificent identities as we stare into a decade of effects.

We did this photo re-shoot last night after the turkey tryptophan was wearing off.  As best we could, the photo was staged with the same Sippy cups, glasses, plates & bowls, and poses.  A ten-year-old photo helped us remember and replicate a wonderful moment attached to Sherry’s 36th birthday.  The red-checkered tablecloth was elusive until after the photo was taken.  We almost did a redo with our re-shoot.

I’m sure you’ve seen Da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting.  Check out this restored version.  It’s not exactly/historically accurate, but can you still creatively wonder what Da Vinci’s snapshot would have been like 10 years after the last supper?  What would a re-shoot look like?  What would be the obvious changes?  What would the disciples remember as they gather for a redo ten years later?  Would they see their identities changing or remaining the same?

On Sunday, our focus will be the Lord’s Supper.  I would encourage you to do a bit of Sunday morning prep by reading the text in advance.  Mark 14:22-31 is what we’ll be studying through.  Within these classic verses we have a great snapshot of the first communion.  How do you approach this great sacrament?  How is this the same or different then say… ten years ago?

Jesus said remember.  Do you?  Do you remember where you were ten years ago?  Do you remember what a decade of grace looks like?  Do you see the effects of Jesus in your life and in your family’s?   Maybe your walk is new.  What will things look like ten years from now?  How will the cross of Jesus gain a greater depth and core motivation in ten years?  Will remembering and doing spiritual re-shoots on a weekly basis show the shaping of your magnificent identity in Christ?

At 9 & 11 a.m., we’ll be taking communion in a very special way.  We’ll remember.  We’ll be doing re-shoots.  We’ll be working on our identities.  We’ll have plenty of coffee for any Black Friday hangovers.  Come.  Bring a friend.  Shape your identity.  Remember.



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