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Do you remember the Super Bowl commercial of Amazon.com? It suggested how, sooner than later, many of our packages would be delivered to our front door by drones. Now my 16-year-old wants a drone video camera that can fly above the clouds and stream live video to her computer. Government officials are claiming this is illegal activity and should not be left to the common man… or teenager.

3-D printers are going beyond eye-popping images requiring goofy sunglasses to see. 3-D printers actually produce a tangible, three-dimensional THING of the image or graphic outputted from a personal computer. Real guns that can shoot are being “printed.” How do you think the manufacturing world is taking this news?

We are creating and producing and building such amazing things these days. The rate of change and the magnitude of technological possibilities are staggering. I still think auto correct on my laptop is pretty cool. It just stopped me from looking like a brainless pastor with my use of “possibilities and “are” instead of “is.”

Is all of this change and technology a good thing or not? Did you know the Bible actually speaks directly to this? In Genesis 4:16-26, we see the first amazing developments of technology and advancements with Cain and his progressive family. These people lived 900+ years. They perfected and advanced their crafts and technology. They were really good. But… was it really good?

Google leaked intentions with Google Glass a while back. Everyone was pumped. Google Glass is an actual pair of eyewear using crazy computer technology. You could Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, video chat, snap photos, and stream live video all from the simple pair of glasses on your head. That is just crazy! I remember as a kid thinking Dick Tracy’s wristwatch TV was oh so cool. Geesh. Dick who?



But the Google Glass idea is becoming a bit of a bust. The test models leaked to the public are selling on Ebay for half price. Most people don’t like the look, feel, nor the obvious intrusion suggested. There still is strong, moral fiber deep within us to signal when progress is good and when it’s not. AND THAT’S what Genesis 4:16-26 is all about.

When is your skilled advancement a good thing, and when is it not? What is God’s purpose in giving us such amazing abilities and technological savvy? On Sunday we’ll take one last look at Cain and his brood. Man they were good, but man they were bad. And wait til you meet a guy named Seth. So cool…

I’m excited to teach through a text where many get caught up in these two questions: Who were all the people Cain was running from, and where did he find his wife? I will touch on this, but we’ll dig even deeper to find the gospel in the fourth chapter of Genesis with a persnickety guy named Cain.

Hope you’ll bring a friend. We’ll have the furnace going (with no fire alarms) and the coffee brewed. See you at 9 & 11 a.m. The holidays are about to hit. Let’s get ready. Let’s do this with the power of the gospel. We ARE messy people pointing other messy people to the gospel of Jesus.



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