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Last Sunday, there was an exuberant, capacity crowd at the 9 a.m. service. We sang “set the church on fire” and “set us on fire” with great abandonment. By 9:30, the fire alarms were sounding and the Cobb Country fire trucks were en route.

To make matters worse, as the auditorium was emptying, there was visible smoke coming from the ceiling just above the coffee dispensers. What in THE world?

Back in the children’s areas, awesome volunteers and staff were quickly and orderly taking all our kids outside. One awesome (and smokin’ hot wife of the pastor) worker loaded a baby crib with little ones as she pushed and smiled them out the doors. The plan laid out in our kid’s areas was well executed, and for that we are grateful. We learned some things and will implement a few improvements, but for the most part… great volunteers & staff who OWN the mission of CCC were rock stars. THANK YOU!!


fire truck







By 10 a.m., the Cobb County firemen gave us the all clear, and we scrambled to finish out the early service. What had happened? Why did the alarms go off? Upon a quick check, apparently our furnaces came on for the first time of the chilly season. Remember how cold it was last Sunday morning? Consequently there was dust in the heating system that kicked up and set the alarms off. This was also the “smoke” some people saw coming from our ceiling. Thankfully, we are good for launch come this Sunday. We might, however, be careful with the songs we sing? 

How would we actually set the church on fire with flames of gospel revival? What kind of sold out lives would be required? On Sunday, we dive back into our Genesis series: “Eleven (reclaiming the authority of scripture)” Our text is Genesis 4:9-16. Does the seemingly familiar Cain & Abel story give us insight into revival fires? What was it that made Abel a sold out lover of God, and why did Cain settle for so much less? On Sunday, we’ll find ourselves and our church in the middle of God’s great, redemptive story.

I hope you’ll come for some smokin’ worship. We’ll have a smokin’, rockin’ choir. I’m excited to teach! Pray for some smokin’ gatherings at 9 and 11 a.m. WITHOUT the Cobb County fire trucks!

See you soon.



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