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Does God get butterflies? I’m not asking does God MAKE butterflies. Does He GET them? You know… those fluttery feelings connecting stomach with a palpitating heart. Some might call it “getting nervous.”

Please don’t slam my theology to the ground for seemingly forgetting the omnipotence, omniscient, and omnipresent ways of the Almighty. But, as a
loving, emotion-emitting Father — does God get butterflies?

Last night my 13-year-old son, Michael, played in his middle school talent show. (CHECK IT OUT HERE!) He’s been working on his rock/blues guitar piece for weeks. I knew Michael had his licks down and was ready. I had seen and heard him practice a million times. I even was privy to the dress rehearsal show the night before. Michael was all over it.

With each act finishing and crossed off the paper program, Michael’s big moment was fast approaching. There were 23 acts. Michael was last. He was the closer (no pressure!). With about five acts before Michael would rock, I turned to Sherry and asked, “Are you getting nervous?” “A little,” Sherry whispered. I was getting butterflies. Sherry was too. I absolutely had every confidence that Michael would nail his piece, and yet my stomach was playing games with my jittery heart. That’s what a father does just before his kid hits the talent show stage.

On Sunday, we’ll be considering Genesis chapter five. There are lots of people who walk with God in this chapter. There’s one who walked so impressively, God allowed him to walk straight into heaven. These were people who began calling on the name of the Lord. They proclaimed a living Creator as their God. However, they still lived in a broken world, and all but one died.   All these God followers knew there would be more.   They all knew a Messiah would be coming to defeat sin, death, and the great Adversary. They anticipated the great end of God’s great redemptive story.

The Bible says God is anticipating and waiting for the end of the story. He’s patient with the ending because His desire is for all to turn, repent, and join His glory dance. Do you think our Father gets butterflies in anticipation of someone turning back to Him? Although He ultimately knows the outcome, does a personal God still have heart and stomach doing flip-flops with anticipation of eternal joy? That’s what a Father does just before His kid becomes a new creation.

How are you anticipating the end of God’s great story? Who around you doesn’t even know the story? On Sunday, we’ll find the gospel in Genesis 5. We’ll remind ourselves of the great news Jesus makes possible. Perhaps some of us will even get a few butterflies in anticipation. That would be called worship. Let’s gather at 9 & 11 a.m. to do just that.

See you on Sunday!!



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