a glimpse toward Sunday 11.28.14

Thanksgiving has come and gone. So has crazy cousin-in-law, Tom. You probably have one of these kin folk too. Tom is the guy who’s sports team are exactly opposite yours. Tom is the engrafted family member who beats everyone at trivia. Tom is the relative with personality and all the latest tech toys. This year, Tom was touting his new iphone 6+. Have you seen these monsters… the iphone 6+, that is? I’m fairly sure new pairs of Levi’s will have bigger pockets to house such techno monstrosities.

It was with his new iphone 6+ that Tom snapped a picture of me snoozing… and then posted said pix on Facebook. The caption above the illegally gained photo should read: “Thanksgiving Day Snoozed Away.” While snow was flying outside, the furnace kept things toasty inside, and tryptophan was pulsing within my sleepy veins.

sleepy thanksgiving

Noisy board games and NFL touchdown screams would occasionally rouse my pitiful state, but the day was fully engulfed in lazy pursuits of grateful nothingness. Perhaps rest, family, smiles, crazy cousin Tom, and pumpkin pie is exactly what a holiday away should be. It must be. We drive 16 hours but for the mere privilege.

Today feels different, however. The stock markets are back to their normal buzz. Holiday shoppers are shaking off the Thanksgiving haze to seize 4 a.m. savings and smirk at any healthy ideas of sleep. Motivations, it would seem, have shifted back into high gear after a day of glorious, thankful nothingness.

This leads me to the point of this Friday email. WOULD YOU DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO BE MOTIVATED BACK TO CCC THIS SUNDAY? I wouldn’t ask you anything I’m not willing to do myself.

Tomorrow morning the Scotts will be locked and loaded to drive eight hours back to Atlanta because we WANT to be at CCC come Sunday morning.

This Sunday morning is youth Sunday at Cumberland. Britt Johnson, our smokin’ Student Ministries Pastor, will be speaking from Genesis 6. The teens will be leading in all areas. This is an investment in eternal things for the Body at CCC to be present on Sunday. Our gatherings at 9 & 11 a.m. represent a great (albeit easy) way to practice some STICKY FAITH with our kids. It’s gonna be a great Sunday. I’m asking you to shake off the side effects of sweet potato pie, and get to CCC on Sunday.

I’m confident crazy cousin Tom would be at our church come Sunday if he lived in Atlanta. Tom sees the valuable of the up and coming generations. They’re the ones who can show him how the latest technology works! In the end, maybe crazy cousin Tom ain’t so crazy. We’re not crazy either to see and encourage the up and coming generations of faith at CCC.

I’ll be excited to see you this Sunday!


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