a glimpse toward Sunday 12.5.14

There are certain moments conducive to particular conversations. Dinnertime conversations with the family are good environments to check on grades, friends, and upcoming events. End of the day pillow talk is a good time for Sherry and me to catch up on parenting woes and wins. As a waitress refills my coffee, there’s a moment when I can verbally check on her as well. My son-in-law picked a perfect time and place to ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage. An early breakfast allows a friend and me to have accountability discussion that keeps my brokenness in check.

Certain moments garner certain conversations.

Christmas affords us month long moments. Nativity scenes, brightly lit stars, gifts, gatherings, and warm events all can lend themselves, quite naturally, to moments and conversations about Jesus.

Don’t believe me? Haven’t you noticed how your neighbors will lay a baby Jesus in their front lawn for the entire month? THAT has got to be a conversation starter! Where do they keep that little, plastic Messiah the rest of the year? Some might suggest this would only prove Jesus is more of a Christmas idol than Savior. I say THAT is a great thing to talk about.

Here’s my point: the gospel is freely spotlighted more during Christmas than any other time of the year. Sure, there are protesters and nonbelievers who would pass laws to limit Christmas greetings to “Happy Holidays.” But for now… people stick a plastic Jesus in their yards! Let’s talk.

All month at CCC, we’re focusing on the Gospel of Jesus through the first Christmas story found in Luke. Our gatherings will be point to “A Gospel Saturated Christmas.”

December 7, 14, 21, and 24 will be great times for you to bring a friend to Cumberland. Your friend will hear the gospel, and you can have some great conversations. Our “Gospel Saturated Christmas” series will create certain moments for some intentional conversations.

Will you partner with us? Will you pray and invite? We’ll put the Christmas focus on the gospel, and you can do the conversing. Christmas is a great time to build the Kingdom of God beyond plastic attic idols seen only once a year.

I’m anxious to teach come Sunday. We’re diving into Luke 1:26-38. Mary gives us THE model of how the gospel comes into each of our lives. Kyle & Megan have planned some great Christmas/worship music. There’s a creative Joseph video you’ll not want to miss. AND… YOU and your friends will be treated like a VIP if you show up at our 9 & 11 a.m. gatherings.

Blessings & Merry Christmas,


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