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Nine months ago, I had no clue as to the existence of the monster that is “water hammer.” With a horrid gestation period behind me, I do now. I’m still a bit incredulous how some of my vocabulary space is being eaten up with the words “water hammer.”

Do you know what it is? When your PRV valve (more new vocab for me) goes bad, the pressure in your home’s water lines goes berserk, and they bang and rattle and roar throughout the walls and floors. You would think a Lockheed jet was tearing it’s way through your house. The ensuing chaos has been deemed “water hammer.” How do you fix the monster of water hammer?

We didn’t for about 9 months. We lived with the horrors. Eventually we learned we couldn’t flush the downstairs bathroom if the upstairs washing machine was going. If the dishwasher was running, Michael couldn’t take a shower … or water hammer!


Humans are incredible adjustors. We learn to live with things instead of fixing them. Eventually, when the monster would rear it’s ugly head — instead of panicking, we would laugh and yell in unison, “Water hammer!”

We did fix our water hammer issues last night. A new PRV valve was installed by a professional plumber. The cost was high… but $225 later, we are finally back to silent nights just in time for Christmas.

On Sunday, we’ll be looking at what God is trying to fix by incarnating himself. Some struggle to see the problem. Some decide to adjust and live with it. The latest self-help book becomes the hoped-for PRV (pressure release valve) to deal with life’s tension. Incredibly, others can even laugh at the problem as if it didn’t even exist. They will yell in unison, “God, what God? Who needs a God?”

The problem is huge. It’s unfixable by any of us. It finally took the costly price of Jesus’ blood to fix it. The birth of Jesus and Christmas pinpoints the problem AND the manner in which it is solved. I hope you’re interested in exploring this. You have friends who need to.

This weekend, we’re taking an in depth look at a familiar Christmas passage: Luke 2:1-7. I believe God will show us significant and possibly new truths to apply as we saturate ourselves with the Gospel this Christmas. We’ll have lots of great Christmas & worship music. Don’t miss the Inn Keeper’s video (this was no Holiday Inn!). Communion and our special Christmas challenge will tie it all up. I’m excited to teach and be with you. See you at 9 & 11 a.m. Bring a friend so they can have a “Gospel Saturated Christmas” too!



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