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Here’s what the latest experts say you need to get moving:
1. Restore your brain’s most crucial chemicals: serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol.
2. Declutter and organize.
3. Get an adult coloring book.
4. Meditation.
5. Embrace vulnerability as courage.
6. Live with your imperfection.
7. Blah, blah, blah.

From some of the top self-help book experts, these are our culture’s every-changing, best strategies for movement. If you’re tired of waiting, just do these seven things to get beyond square one. I think the absolute best way to get movement in your life is to write a self-help book!

Last Sunday we stirred a collective pot by centering our thoughts on waiting. Noah waited for 371 days in a coffin-shaped boat with a literal “tons” of animals. Even on a Carnival cruise ship, would you want to wait 53 weeks for anything? Think your wait problem is bad, talk to Noah’s extremely compliant wife. Geesh.

But eventually it WILL be time to move. What do we do then? Are you ready to GO?

Athlete in start position at the stadium

This Sunday we continue the story of Noah. He waited, and then there was movement. God was silent for those precarious 371 days. Then … God speaks and movement for Noah begins. The waiting is finally over.

It’s so intriguing to see Noah’s strategies for movement compared to the latest top sellers at Barnes and Nobles.

Our text for Sunday morning is Genesis 8:15-22. We’ll unpack three very practical and powerful strategies for Biblical movement in your life. Are you tired and done with waiting? Think it’s time to GO? Then let’s go…

Our time together this Sunday at 9 & 11 a.m. will prove incredibly beneficial. Tell your friends to save their money on self-help books, and come to church! If the self-help section at the local bookstore is actually working, why does it continue to grow? Curiously, the Bible has not changed and remains the absolute best seller year after year. When you’re ready to GO, where will you get your best advice?

I’m excited to teach and be with you. So much has been happening. Beauty Shop is wrapping up, and we’ve connected with people we normally wouldn’t. The Greece team will be flying back on Sunday. The Kenya team is making final preparations for their November trek. Our staff is preparing for 2016 gospel initiatives. We’ll be finishing our Genesis series by the end of November.

God is good and MOVING! He continues to guide us to His rest and our identities in Him — and then tells us to GO! Let’s GO!!!

See you on Sunday, my friend.


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