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Does America have a wait problem? Some suggest our digestion of hurry, instant, and all-access has created a heavy problem. Many are carrying around the extra weight of multiple devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop), which causes even the mid section of America to have a wait problem.

Are our kids affected by this obesity of impatience? Even before the current wait problem began rearing it’s fat, ugly, head, the cry of adolescents in the back seats of cars has been: “Are we there yet?” That battle cry has been heard for centuries. However, the current wait problem is exacerbated NOT by just getting to the destination, but rather by trying to get to multiple destinations at once and faster. “ARE WE THERE YET??!!”


We don’t like to wait, and therein lies the problem. Download times are too slow. Buffering lurks like bad cholesterol. Microwave popcorn takes all of three minutes, but I want it in two. I just sent a text, and it’s been five minutes without a response. With twelve items in the grocery cart, will they really frown if I sneak in the fast, 10-items-only checkout lane?

Are we there yet?

Meanwhile, the call of God will always involve waiting. Always. Ask Noah. Moses. David. Daniel. Paul. Peter. Jesus.

I believe everyone is waiting for something. I know I am. For some it’s a job offer. Others wait for test results, a relational “yes” or “no.” Adoption, pregnancy, parenting, and marriage all have levels of waiting for many to face.

How’s your wait problem? On Sunday, we’ll get some very practical insight from Noah on how to wait. He and his family sat in a coffin-shaped boat for 371 days. That’s 53 weeks of waiting. Did I mention there were a few smelly animals involved too? Think your wait problem is bad? I’m quite confident one of Noah’s kids blurted a feisty, “Are we there yet?”

Let’s gather on Sunday at 9 & 11 a.m. for a great look into Genesis 8:1-14. If you’re waiting, you’re gonna need the sensible insights of what to do and how to live with your wait problem. It’s hands on, street-savvy stuff — ultimately pointing us to and lifting up Jesus.

I can’t wait to be with you and teach. Bring a friend who struggles with a wait problem. Maybe a little exercise of their faith (and yours) will do them good. See you soon, my friends…



p.s. – Don’t forget our Conversation on Diversity this Sunday night from 6-8 p.m. We NEED you in this Kingdom conversation!

AND… speaking of diversity, Beauty Shop starts this Thursday and runs through the 18th. Beauty Shop is a slice of real life urban play… the #1 urban comedy play in America. The play will bring an urban crowd into Cumberland who have never been to CCC. I’d love your help warming our place up and jumping into diverse conversations with these new faces. THANKS!! (tickets will be on sale in the lobby)

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