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“Which would you choose?” It’s a fun game. Wanna play?

If you were given four Super Bowl Tickets (Row 1, 50 yard line), would you choose:
a. to stay home because a special episode of Empire will be aired?
b. to ask for free nachos too?
c. to create a lottery to choose who will go with you?
d. to smile and high five the nearest Falcons fan?

If you were invited into the winner’s locker room to congratulate Russell Wilson, would you choose:
a. to see if Russell wanted to hang out at your house for a special episode of Empire?
b. to ask if Mr. Wilson could teach you to throw?
c. to ask Russell why he’s so short?
d. to grab an autograph and thank him for his strong faith?

OK… one more (you having fun yet?). If God told you He had something incredible and free to give, would you choose:
a. to be agitated that the “big guy” was interrupting your DVR’d episode of Empire?
b. to say thanks but no thanks… because you’d prefer something in the line of an old-fashioned, Old Testament curse that’s more demanding?
c. to want to work hard for something else of your choosing?
d. to swim in abundant grace and smile at the furious love of God?

Why would anyone choose a curse over grace? Why did Adam and Eve? Why do we? Don’t think that includes you? Make your way to Cumberland on Sunday, and let’s talk.

We’re in our “Ragamuffin” series in the book of Galatians. Paul is writing vehemently to good friends who were choosing to give up the freedom of grace. They were becoming slaves to the curse of “doing” and the law. Why would anyone choose this? Why do we? We’ll be neck deep in Galatians 1:6-10. I encourage you to read and prepare. God will move when His good news is the focus.

I’m excited about our new series. I like the Rich Mullins music were using. Did you hear “Awesome God” last week as people were being baptized? Last week 5 went home wet after hearing the gospel. This week, you’ll be challenged to choose either curse or grace. It may not be as easy as it seems. Bring a friend! AND… wear your favorite football team’s jersey. I’ll have my Andrew Luck jersey on. I’m also thinking about putting a corporate hex/curse on the Patriots — just so you know.

nfl jersey

See you on Sunday… 9 & 11 a.m.


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