a glimpse towards Sunday 2.6.15


I was with a young couple this morning preparing for their March wedding. They’re continuing to do the DTR thing. Define The Relationship. When you meet someone, you immediately start your DTR process. Going steady moves the DTR status right along. Becoming engaged and then setting a wedding date refines and crystallizes specific tenets of the DTR. dtr
There’s a similar mode when we come into contact with Jesus. DTR. Is he a good guy? Teacher? Mere prophet? He said He was Lord. Was He? DTR time.

Jesus was also always about good news or the gospel. Was he just announcing the good news or WAS He the good news? DTR time. What exactly IS the good news? Has this news become a real part of my life, or do I see this news as only advice, and now I need to make something happen? DTR.

There are many ways we’ve tried to help DTR the gospel at CCC. Creation-Fall-Redemption-Restoration. DO vs DONE. Adopted-Chosen-Redeemed-Accepted-Precious Possession. What about the Bridge illustration We’ve used many of these ideas to DTR the gospel. In our first week of the Ragamuffin series, Paul gave us this: 1) Jesus; 2) grace & peace; 3) need for rescue; 4) God is awesome. Remember that exercise we laid out on January 25th as we initially dove into Galatians 1:1-5?

It’s one thing to know about the gospel and have the ability to articulate it, it’s quite another to have been wrecked by the gospel — having Jesus living inside of you. Now THAT is DTR!

Rich Mullins was a man wrecked by the gospel. He was a bent, bedraggled Ragamuffin whose only hope was in Jesus. I want us, together, to see his life through the movie “Ragamuffin.” We’re showing the movie Sunday night at 6 p.m. I hope you’ll come and watch this as a part of the CCC community striving to be wrecked by the gospel as well. (Kids care is available, but you have to sign up for this TODAY! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. You can also see a Focus On The Family review to determine age appropriateness.)

On Sunday, we’re continuing to press the DTR process by giving specific tenets to see if the gospel of Jesus is living through us, or just known by us. From Galatians 1:11-24, I’ll give 5 marks of THE one, true gospel pulsing through our veins. I’m excited to teach through this.

You should come… at 9 & 11 a.m. this Sunday. I think you should bring a friend. Our rockin’ choir and band will be leading us. Rob Irvine has a missions 180 video for us to consider. Our communion experience is going to be very special and visual. Wait til you see what Kyle is wearing… oh my. Will he be hip or not? Relevant? You gotta check this out.

God is moving through our Sunday gatherings as we challenge each other with the practical, daily application of Jesus’ incredible good news. See you soon…



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