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What wrecks you? What has slammed you to the ground only to completely reshape you when you got back up?

Jeff Goins, in his book, “Wrecked” says: “To be wrecked is to have a transformation that goes beyond mere words—to be introduced to another way of life, to follow in the footsteps of a teacher who is calling you through the eye of a needle. Often it involves being catalyzed by an encounter with pain. The process is horrible and ugly and completely gut-wrenching—and at the same time, beautiful.”

My kids recently introduced me to Miranda Sings. Have you seen this strange icon of current culture? Wow. It’s the dumbest thing ever, but I can’t seem to look away. Miranda’s parody of divas spattered with bright red lipstick has a certain twisted appeal. The commentary on my misspent and sad leisure time is thusly sad.

miranda sings

But… Miranda doesn’t wreck me. She totally stole a couple hours last Saturday from watching her stupid videos, but she doesn’t wreck me.

What has or does wreck me? My wife. Every birth of my kids. Injustice. The gospel.

How much DOES the gospel wreck me? I’ve prayed, thought, read, and considered God’s Word this morning — all the while my feet are enjoying a ridiculous pampering in a Homedics deluxe foot spa (man card has already been turned in). Is THAT being wrecked? *

Some of my reading this morning has been in a gut-wrenching book called, “The Insanity of God.” Page after page of Jesus followers are given voice to their willing torture, hardship, imprisonment, deprivation, and persecution all because of the gospel. These people have been wrecked by the gospel.

I’m re-reading “The Ragamuffin Gospel” by Brennan Manning. Manning was wrecked and transformed by the gospel. Rich Mullins was a troubled musician wrecked by the gospel. We’ll watch a movie on February 8th creatively displaying his gospel-wrecked life. The Apostle Paul was wrecked, and wrote to Jesus followers (Galatians) who had given up the liberty, freedom, and healing of the gospel for the slavery of rules and religion.

At Cumberland, we’ve been focusing on the EPIC gospel for years. Our study through Mark, our trek in Genesis, and now our “Ragamuffin” series unpacking Galatians has been central to our focus. But… have we been wrecked? Have I?
Are we desperate ragamuffins with a singular focus of Jesus’ incredible good news?

If we ARE ragamuffins, what do we declare? What would a gospel wrecking look like on our very lives?

You ready for this, Cumberland? On Sunday we’ll be starting our new series: “Ragamuffin (A Study In Galatians).” You won’t believe what Paul has to tell us just within his first five verses. I challenge you to take a look before you come. Pull out your own foot spa (I KNOW you have one!!), and give it a read.

What will it take to wreck us with the gospel? The story and good news of Jesus’ redemptive and restorative work contains much power. It’s the power of our salvation. Powerful things happen when the gospel is center and people are saturated.

I’m excited to teach this Sunday. Come expecting at 9 & 11 a.m. PLEASE bring a friend with you.

Blessings My Friend,


* (Warning: Should my propensity for foot spas or Miranda Sings cause harsh judgmental attitudes on your part, your ragamuffin-ness may be in question.)

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