Who Are You… (who, who, who, who)

It’s easy to be defined by such small, fragile things. And thus, we are really not defined at all.
Let me explain. During the early Spring months, I can be as blue as the fading winter skies. My yard is a mess. Emerging weeds have dared and defied my pre-emergent spray. I can honestly feel like my life is out of control until I get my weeds under control. How weird is that? Can I really have a shining self-esteem based on the condition of my yard? How first-world of me.

I once drove an electric, Nissan Leaf car. I was known as the neighborhood guy who drove the electric car. I was the pastor with a Leaf. I took great pride driving fast by every gas station. I was smart and energy efficient. I was a trail blazer going from zero to fifty in 17 seconds. And then my two-year Leaf lease was up. I’m back on fossil fuel now. I trudge to the gas pumps with palpable disdain for Quick Trip. Could my identity actually rise and fall with whatever I park in my garage? If so, I’m really not defined at all. I am a slave.

What gives you worth and value? Apple works hard at making an iPhone purchase an experience to boost and define your psyche. Notice the clean lines, smooth packaging, and “free” decal to publicly declare your high-tech identity. This only lasts until the newest and latest iPhone comes out, and there is another identity scramble among the masses.

How do you build a strong identity? Every parent should ask this question. Every believer should know the answer.
But there is controversy as to how we grasp our identity. Modern thinking says it’s all within ourselves. The Bible says something different. This, of course, causes some to be skeptics. But at CCC, we welcome skeptics. On Sunday, we’ll take a look at how we can best build a strong identity. If yours is a roller coaster ride or completely smashed by worldly expectations, then come early for a good seat! If you’re a skeptic… or know one… let’s gather to challenge and push each other to a greater good—and a more reliable identity.

I’m excited to teach through Romans 1:16-17. This is a key identity passage.

I’ll see you at 9 & 10:45 a.m. this Sunday!


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