Our Problem Our Enemy… Our Best Solution

Big Dan Salter was teaching early Wednesday morning at our men’s study.  He was on fire.  Passionate.  He fired up the men by proclaiming, “Guys, this is Holy Week!  This is our Super Bowl!  We need to be on fire and live this week out!”

Yep, Easter is here.  Resurrection Sunday.   Our message this Sunday is centered on hope.  Where do Christians get their hope?  Is it the same faint hope that most skeptics can muster up?

Let me just say, on this Easter… we’ll have some good news.  But to really grasp the good news, you’ll have to understand the bad.  For hope to be deep and wide, we’ll have to paint a clear picture of why we need hope.

And why DO we need hope? Because we are flesh and blood.  We hurt, cry, get hungry, feel pain, and fight gravity.  We have aches and pains.  We are flesh and blood.  But the really hard part about being flesh and blood is death.  It’s the ultimate enemy.  We fear it so much that we either ignore it, fight it, or try to deny it.

In Silicon Valley, experts are looking at high-tech bio-hacking to raise our life expectancy to 180 years.  Want to know why they’re working so tirelessly on this idea?  Death.

What do we do with this looming threat?  ?  How have we (or will we) handled the deaths of loved ones, or the the images of young children dying in Syria?  How do we face the prospect of our own death?

On Sunday our text is Hebrews 2:14-15.  You should give it an advance Easter read.  Grab a Cadbury Egg and soak in these two powerful verses.  We have such great reason to hope.  We have resurrection power to take us beyond our circumstances.  Sunday is Easter, and who couldn’t use some Easter these days?  Sunday, we’ll place our feet on a solid, foundational bedrock of hope.  I’m excited to teach.

You should bring a friend.  This is going to be good, and most of your friends, co-workers, and neighbors are very open to attending an Easter service like ours.

AND… Friday night—we’ll join with Faith Christian Center for our Good Friday service at 7:00 p.m.  Megan and Kyle tell me that this, too, will be something very special you’ll not want to miss.

Blessings, my friends!

Happy Resurrection Weekend!

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