What’s Your Motivation?

FIRST… I’m calling all to a corporate time of prayer on the second Sunday of each month. THIS Sunday we’ll meet in the Loft from 8-8:45 a.m. Will you join us? There’s much at stake and much to pray about concerning our move and future. I hope to see you there.

SECOND… this Sunday we’ll be in Romans 11. What a rich, thick chapter. Chapter 11 culminates the previous chapters with passionate worship. After Paul has let loose some of the deepest theology and Christian thought in all of scripture, there is profound praise. For intrigue, you should take a quick glance at Romans 11:33-36. It’s a doxology—a speaking or singing out of the glory of God. Worship.

What affects your worship? Is it music style or theology? How are you best ushered into the presence of Jesus during our weekly gatherings? What’s your motivation? Is it your consideration of the marvelous work of Jesus or song selection of our worship set? God’s great mysteries or room temperature of the auditorium?

Over the years I’ve lived through many weird praise battles and worship wars. “I don’t like the video projectors. I prefer hymnals.” “The band is too loud; I liked it when there was just a piano and organ.” “Worship is just too much of a show these days.” Why are we so easily distracted, when we should be so intensely attracted to a living God who moves far beyond our 20 minutes of singing on Sunday mornings?

This Sunday we’re diving into Paul’s great insights about Israel through Romans chapter 11. God had and has a tremendous heart for Israel; this is really good news for us (ever notice how often Israel is in the news?). Would a look at God’s heart for Israel affect our worship? I think you’ll be enlightened, stirred, and will begin elevating to a place of hungry worship.

I’m excited to gather with you at 9 & 11 a.m. I’m excited to have the opportunity to teach.
Let’s worship together!


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