Fathers’ Day

I’ve waited until after lunch before sending you this note. WARNING: there’s a slight bit of just gross-ness attached to this whole thing, and it all begins with my bathroom sink.

For months upon puddling months, my bathroom sink has been slow to drain. Isn’t it amazing what we will continue to put up with—eventually deeming something disgusting as something normal?

Brushing my teeth was a lesson in endurance just to get the Crest spit-water to finally subside.

Shaving cream would float forever in my sink because the drain was obviously impeded. However, I just lived with my repugnant reality thinking my sink was probably no worse than others.

And then I just had enough. Shaving residue would cling to my sink with a painfully slow drain. I would rinse those nasty beard particles, but they would simply float a while and stick again to the sink because of the drain impairment. So… I got my plumbing tools, bucket, and told Sherry to pray. She hates it when I go into fixing mode. It usually ends up costing more with an eventual professional cleaning up my mess.

I unscrewed the sink trap below, only to discover what appeared to be a dead mouse wad of lint, hair, fingernails, and muck (sure hope you’re not eating a late lunch). Once the blockage was removed, the water flowed and my sink didn’t pool up with stagnant water. And yes, Virginia, I did put the plumbing trap below the sink back on. Sherry said something about me being “The Man!”

Do you know what stagnation is? It’s when something is blocked from flowing—like water.
Stagnant water becomes smelly, toxic, and a breeding ground for insects and diseases.

Some of our marriages become stagnant. They’re blocked. They become stinky, toxic, and diseased with relational sin. Our jobs can experience stagnation. Our finances often turn to stagnation. Some of our spiritual lives become stagnant. People can become stagnant.

What do we do about spiritual stagnation? Romans 12:1-8 has something to say about this, and we’ll dive in on Sunday. Because of Father’s Day, we’ll focus on how stagnant MEN can get unstuck, but the application will work for everyone.

This will be a manly Sunday and message—complete with beef jerky and Old Spice. The men will love our music. And for the men who often say, “Just tell me what to do,” we’ll deliver a pointed, “git ‘r done” message.

I’m excited to gather with you at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. Our intentional trek through this thick book of Romans has been great. We’re finding God in the Shadows. This week will find Jesus in the shadows that many men deal with.

See you soon!

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