How do you do with the subtleties of life? Can you take a hint? Do you infer accurately the undertones of conversation? I personally am not really good at taking a hint. The more direct the information, the better capacity I have to understand. My wife can attest to this. If it weren’t for her persistence we would not be together today. My own insecurities tend to interpret information in a very negative light. I thought, “There is no way this beautiful woman is interested in me!” Thank God I was wrong! More often than not, it isn’t the good things that are subtly trying to push their way into our affections. Instead, it is the very stuff of life that we are attempting to break free from that finds, yet again, a way to maneuver itself into the forefront of our vision, twisting and turning to ultimately secure itself into the center of our lives.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the discernment to see the pesky annoyances of life before they leave their sting? Wouldn’t it be great to only have eyes for the beauty of God’s design? Are we destined to always be tossed about by the pressures of the world, or is there security and stability that come from knowing Christ? This Sunday John takes a strange break in his letter to address some vitally important information about living the victorious, Christ-centered life. I look forward to sharing this with you! I wish that I could physically hand you what I have, but instead, I can only point the way. In the end, you must accept it on your own. I pray you come ready to receive.

Weekly Need: $43,924
Weekly Giving 2/24/19: $49,046

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