Four Things To Remember This Easter

I loved what Murray Tilles told us last weekend. “Jesus never celebrated Christmas or Easter.” That sentiment brought a slight smile to many of our faces. The question though is this: Why do we? Why do we celebrate Christmas and Easter? The best answer is to remember.

The ancient Passover feast was a creative, God-ordained way to story-tell, ask questions, and remember God’s redemption.

Interestingly, as we try to remember, our culture insulates our souls with lights, candy, reindeer, and rabbits— which aid more in our forgetting than our remembering. At the very least we are incredibly distracted. At the most, we mask what is critically important for us to remember.

As you go through resurrection weekend, take some time to story-tell, ask questions, and remember. Here are four essential things to remember:

1. Our idea of goodness is not good enough. (Why is Good Friday called good?)
2. There is a massive problem with sin and disconnect with our Creator. (Why is sin a problem?)
3. Jesus is the only solution. (What makes Jesus unique enough to be the only way?)
4. Something happened at the resurrection besides God merely strutting His power. (What was accomplished through the death, burial, and resurrection?)

TONIGHT AT 7 p.m. we’ll have our Good Friday service. Megan Sullivan and Kyle Nighman and team will lead our hearts well. Our Good Friday service will be such an important piece to ensure our resurrection weekend profoundly marks and changes us.

On Sunday, we’ll celebrate the resurrection! Please don’t miss this, and don’t miss the many critical event opportunities to invite a friend or neighbor. So many are open to a mere invite to church on Easter. I’m excited to teach and creatively walk through one verse: 1 Peter 3:18. It really will be a practical and compelling presentation of the Gospel at 9 & 11 a.m.

Sunday will also be a baptism Sunday. We’ll invite many to respond to God’s message of redemption through baptism.

I’ll be looking for you and your friends. Sherry and I have a few invites who have said they are coming!

Blessings & Love,

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