Five Signs You Are Freed To Be A Servant

A lot is going on.  Much of the stuff is prioritized by the news media outlets we soak in.

There’s a boatload to maneuver with politics.   

There’s probably a lot coming at you with your job.

When you factor in your marriage, the kids, finances, health, sports, entertainment, mortgage & car payments, and church—you’ve got a few plates to spin.  Just about the time all plates are whirling, one will begin to lean, and another will wobble. It’s never-ending, isn’t it?

When something uncomfortable is thrown at one of your spinning plates, how do you handle such potential catastrophe?   Life can be hard. It’s always unfair. If you’re a Jesus follower, your plate spinning is made harder by good things shaping themselves into idols and little “g” god things.  There’s also a relativistic culture throwing fiery darts at your theology and belief system. Could a potential plate crash be an opportunity instead of a crisis? Can an argument be cause to serve, or just another anemic attempt at being right or approved?

Do you ever wonder if the calamities and crunches of life have the power to crush you, or turn you into a better servant?  Do people see you as crushed or a gushing servant? Do you want to know if you’re a servant? Gauge your life with these five servant traits:

  1.    Servants make others feel honored.
  2.    Servants are accurate and authentic with compliments, and often see things others can’t see in themselves.  (Give the ICNU talk to someone and watch.)
  3.    Servants don’t jockey for position, but instead put others first.
  4.    Servants are OK taking more humble positions.
  5.    Servants listen.

Think you can serve in the middle of your plate spinning?  Think you could serve when you’re being crushed? How on earth could anyone do that?   With Jesus, anything is possible—including being freed to be a servant.

Let’s talk on Sunday.  We’re jumping head first into 1 Peter 2:13-25.  The challenge won’t be mastering more religious plate spinning, but we will try to free you up to serve.  

In fact, as a follow-up to our amazing Easter Sunday (where 27 were baptized!!), we’ll have a very special post-Easter Sunday.  We’ll have some live music outside, and you’ll discover how three creative preachers are faster than one. I’m excited to be a part of this one!

Don’t miss this!  Invite a friend. Jesus is STILL alive!  See you at 9 & 11 a.m.

Blessings & Love,

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