Five Ways To Know You’ve Finished 1 Peter

This time of year is good for finishing things up. The school year gets wrapped up. College finals are in the books. Spring is finishing up. Mother’s Day… check. Prom… done. Yard fertilized… yup.

See what I mean? TV shows are closing out their season with big finales. I can’t wait to see the one-hour “The Middle” series ender next week. Will Sue Sue Heck ever get together with Sean? It’s gonna be a big finish.

This Sunday we finish our 1 Peter series, “It’s A Hard Knocks Faith.” Our trek has been excellent. God has taught us much about faith, enduring, being a spiritual house, making Jesus Lord, and doing beautiful things. It’s a great accomplishment to go through an entire book of the Bible. We go at a slow pace because it’s always better to get the Bible all the way through you than to quickly get all the way through the Bible. 1 Peter has been exactly right for Cumberland during this landmark, transitional season. 1 Peter has been God’s path for us to move forward in our often-difficult and tenuous culture.

Are you finished with 1 Peter? This Sunday we’ll wrap it all up. How do you know if you’re coming to the 1 Peter finish line? Here are five possible clues:

1. The only 1 Peter white space in your Bible margins is in chapter 5:6-16.
2. You’re using the word “suffering” 17 times a day now.
3. You’re taking sneak peeks into 2 Peter.
4. Your Bible falls naturally open to 1 Peter.
5. You keep doing Alan’s umbrella illustration to strangers in kiddie pools.

Seriously, it’s been weeks of letting God’s living and active Word speak directly to our lives and church. This Sunday we will finish well with 1 Peter 5:6-16. I think you’ll be Kingdom surprised how it all wraps up. It’s a big finish, and it’s a really good time of year for such.

We’ll be gathering at 9 & 11. You should bring a friend. The big finish will be cool even for new folks!

AND… please remember our Vision Night at 6:30 this Sunday. There is much to communicate concerning our move, church planting, staffing, and all things city hall! We’ll also have a great time of Q & A. Hope to see you ALL there!


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