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Just Like Elijah
“Elijah… A man with just enough faith”
June 3, 2012
Joe Braun (Community Groups Pastor, CCC)


1.  Think through your favorite superheros.  What do you find most admirable about them?  In what areas can you identify with them, or be like them?  What areas do you feel are impossible to be like them?

2.  Read Matthew 17:1-11.  What do you think Peter, James, and John thought they were getting into on the way up to the mountain?  What do you think they thought in the middle of this monumental experience?  What was going through their head?  How do you feel they processed this over the weeks following?  Why were Moses and Elijah present with Jesus in this scene?

3.  Compare and contrast yourself to King Ahab.  He was a man who seemingly did everything he could possibly do to keep his kingdom together.  He married Jezebel as a political move.  He allowed the worship of Baal to appease Jezebel’s home country.  Do you feel that in way or another you do everything you can to control and keep your kingdom intact?

4.  Talk about a time in your life that you felt you were in a “desert” – a period of time where you were wandering without much purpose, not knowing when the next stage of life would begin.  Did you respond in a way that Elijah did, where God was intentionally preparing you for something big, and even though you couldn’t see your next stage in life, you believed that God was doing something bigger in your soul?  Or were you more of a King Ahab-type person, where you did everything you could do to control your circumstances?

5.  Talk through the three points that Elijah lived by that developed him as a man with Just Enough Faith.  How do you identify with each of them?  Where do you feel you lack in areas?
a.    Elijah believed that God was alive and active.
b.    Elijah submitted himself to God’s kingship (“Jesus is Lord”)
c.    Elijah believed God’s word to be truth, and trusted in the promises of the Scripture.

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