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EPIC | “Fair-weather Followers”
November 25, 2012
Joe Braun (Pastor of Community Groups)


What is the condition of your yard? Is it just dry, hard dirt? Is there a ton of weeds and other junk growing in it? How many weeds are “too many?” If you care about the condition of your lawn, what has to be removed in order to make it healthy – and how hard are you willing to work at it?

Read Mark 4:1-20 – Can you identify a period of your life in which you would have categorized the condition of your heart as “hard soil?” As “rocky soil?” As “thorny soil?” How about “good soil?”

Joe talked about there being trigger words that often close our heart off. Are there words/phrases or texts in scripture that just rub you the wrong way? What are your “trigger words” that cause you to close down from listening any longer?

Do you remember a time in your life that you meant to go do something (anything)… but didn’t? Why didn’t you do what you intended to do? Was it a conscious decision, or it just slipped your mind? Could it be possible that there was something deeper at stake, and it isn’t coincidental that you just accidentally forgot? Could that be Satan robbing you from doing something that could potentially have advanced the Kingdom of God?

Jesus gives us a pretty straightforward understanding of “good soil”: the person who 1) hears his Word, 2) accepts it with a good and honest heart (not justifying for when we don’t align), and 3) acts upon it. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, three things that are certain evidences of a “crop,” or “fruit” of our faith are Conversions (persons coming to faith around and through you), Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22), and Good Deeds (acts of kindness, sacrificial giving, mission/serving). According to this, how good is your soil?

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