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What determines if I’m influenced or distracted by something?  I had dried beef gravy and biscuits for supper one night this week.  Why?  Because mom made this same wonderful meal when I was growing up.  I was most definitely influenced.

Recently I celebrated the survival of Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and Weeping Wednesday.  Whew.  Was I influenced by savvy holiday marketing or distracted?

Perhaps the deciding factor is if I’m choosing a better story or a lesser one.  Re-creating one of mom’s delectable dishes is a better story of influence.  For many, sucked in by the credit card Hell of Black Friday was choosing a lesser story.  Chapter one will begin when bills roll in come January.  All of this madness and stress is placed on us because Jesus was born.  Really?  Crazy.  Distracted.

Jesus talked mostly about his Kingdom that has come and is coming.  He was passionate about restoring people and things, and ultimately all things.  Jesus liked to paint word pictures and tell stories about this Kingdom.  He spoke creatively so that those who were really hungry could explore the many layers of depth and truth His Kingdom offered.  He wanted us to be influenced.  Changed.  Transformed.  So many, however, are distracted.

This Sunday we’re looking at this incredible Kingdom Jesus came to preach and live.  Our text is Mark 4:21-34.  I can’t wait to teach.   There’s something about this Christmas season and going through Mark that feels right.  It will be practical and powerful.

At the end of the service, we’re going to hold out the Kingdom of Jesus for any and all to enter.  You can go home wet.  You can go back to the cross through communion.  You can be anointed and set apart by the elders so that you’ll go through the Christmas season different this year — influenced and not distracted.

Please invite someone to come with you.  Christmas around CCC will be grand this year.  A group of musicians will be playing in the lobby as you come in this Sunday, and the music in the adult service will be quite breath-taking (of course, C3 is always rockin’!).

Anxious to gather with you…




Upcoming Events:

The Gathering | Join us for a time of prayer and worship
Wednesday, December 5 from 7-9pm

Christmas Eve Service
Monday, December 24 at 5:30pm

Please Note | There will be no Sunday service on December 30
In its place, we will have Church in a Bag at-home service kits available on December 9

Christmas Giving Options
Visit www.spendless2givemore.org | Food Collection for Family Life Restoration Center (lobby)

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