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Google “why is depression greater during Christmas,” and you’ll start to read some intriguing insights from counselors, pastors, and psychologists alike.  One writer commented:  “The reason behind the claim that depression rates and suicides rise during the holidays is that holiday cheer amplifies loneliness and hopelessness in people who have lost loved ones, or who have high expectations of renewed happiness during the holiday season, only to be disappointed. Others think the increase in anxiety and gloominess is caused by the unavoidable stress, exhaustion, and frustration that come with preparing for the holidays.”

Are you dealing with a difficulty the holidays only help to elevate?  What should you do about this?  What does the Bible say about dealing with tough, life scenarios.  How can we be storm smart?

It’s intriguing how the first-century Christians depicted the church with artwork like this:

These types of crude artwork often depicted Christians in a boat on a stormy sea.  This was the norm, and this is what they expected as Jesus followers.

Now look at how modern artwork depicts the church:

How is this artwork different than the common first-century rendering of the Church?  What is our norm?  What do we expect (right or wrong)?

Want to talk more about this?  Want to dive deep into scripture to help deal with life’s storms?  This Christmas, let’s help each other deal with the real stuff of life head on.   Let’s allow the King of Christmas to reign in our lives no matter what.

I’m looking forward to teaching Mark 4:35-41.  It’s a familiar storm story that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will reveal very practical and timely help for the things we battle.  You should bring a friend…

See you Sunday morning… 8:30 or 10:30.


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