about this weekend 12.16.12

Most of you know I try to take Friday’s off, but do you know my Friday routine?

I usually take a quarter-mile walk down Barrett Parkway to the local Starbucks in the early morning.  I grab my tall, black coffee (no room) and head across the parking lot to Target.   I never buy anything, but I like to look.  You would think I would become a security risk as the cameras pick up the weird Friday morning routine of the guy who wears the same black baseball cap and drinks coffee.  Creepy.

This morning I walked slowly by the “new music” section at Target.  The CD’s projected to be top sellers are always on the ends of sales racks so shoppers see them first.  This savvy marking technique worked on me, so I stopped.

Of the 20 CD’s highlighted for Christmas, 11 had tiny black stickers that touted:  “Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics.”   While I was perusing these musical masterpieces, a young mom walked up and grabbed a very specific CD out of the aforementioned 11.

I was watching to see if there was even a flinch of conviction on the mother’s face that would reflect effectiveness of the parental warning sticker.  Nothing.  Maybe the sticker was too small for her to see.  Maybe evil just isn’t evil anymore.

Is a CD with explicitly wrong lyrics evil?  Forensic psychiatrist, Michael Welner, has been exploring cultural evil and writes:  “A boss who boosts his ego and gains stature by publicly humiliating his employees should be considered not just a tough guy to work for, but evil.   A health-care worker who deliberately exploits the physical weakness of a patient is not just bad, but depraved.”

Do you agree?  What is evil?  Are those stickered CD’s evil?  Is Satan real, and does he exercise power?  During a season celebrating Jesus, how active is The Adversary?  Those CD’s at Target were finished, packaged, and shipped all before Thanksgiving to take advantage of the month long celebration of King Jesus.  Any problem with that, or have I just finally arrived as an official prude?

We’re taking an honest look at evil this Sunday with the traditional, Christmas story of the demoniac and wild pigs found in Mark 5.  I thought about changing the message title to:  “A Holiday Ham Gone Bad.”  J

Do you know why this baby we honor came to earth?  Was it fore a mere silent night or an epic battle?  Do you know of the ultimate war he fought and won on our behalf?  Do you understand what this baby can do for you in your struggle with a broken, fallen, often-evil world?  Let’s talk on Sunday.  It’s gonna be good, I promise!  Bring a friend or two…




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