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EPIC | “Kingdom Partying”
October 21, 2012
Alan Scott (Lead Pastor, CCC)


How involved in the presidential race have you been?  What would you say have been some of the weirder moments of this election season?  What points do you hear the candidates make that are strictly about them?  What talking points do the candidates make that are more focused on the country?

Read Mark 2:13-17.   In what ways does Jesus make his conversation with Levi very self-centered?   Can you find other references in scripture where Jesus keeps things strictly focused on himself?  Why would someone struggle with this?  Why would someone not struggle with this?   Where are you on this idea that Jesus says, “Come follow ME?”

Why would Levi accept this call of Jesus?  In what ways did this call change the very life of Levi?   Have you heard and accepted this same call?  How radically transformed is your life exactly because of the call of Jesus?

Can you create a list of why someone wouldn’t want to follow this call of Jesus?   How would religion play into someone like this?  How is calling different from religion?  What IS the appeal of religion, and why do so many folks make religion a substitute for the very real calling of Jesus?

If someone were to ask you about calling vs. religion in your own life, what would be the evidence in either direction?  What things or transformation either proves your calling or your grabbing onto religion?  What would the people closest to you say about this?

Are you able to explain whimsical holiness?  Can you give a few scriptural examples of Jesus practicing this?  How might you practice whimsical holiness?  In what ways does religion war with whimsical holiness?  Who or what is at stake with your calling from Jesus?  Together with your community group, pray for the calling of Jesus to be real in your life, and not get caught in the comfortable trap of religion.

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