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Some things just don’t go together.  Diet Coke poured over a bowl of granola would not be a breakfast of champions.  A three-piece wool suit as August beachwear on a Floridian beach would seem inappropriate and just weird.  Orange shag carpet in a brand new black Lexus would reflect my high school Spartan colors, but most would cry automotive fashion foul for such attempt.

I’m sure you’re able to pair hundreds of ideas that just don’t fit… don’t match… don’t go together, and are flat out inappropriate.

So what’s the point?

Jesus said the things of religion and things of grace just don’t fit.  Old Testament law and Jesus’ desire for mercy and acceptance can’t be poured into the same cereal bowl.  In fact, Jesus used his own unlikely metaphors.  A new patch of cloth can’t be sewn onto an old shirt.  New wine can’t be put into old wineskins.  It’s inappropriate.  Lifeless religion has no place within our grace-laced relationship with Jesus.  It’s inappropriate.

So why are so many attracted to religion?  What makes religion so prevalent when Jesus likens it to Diet Coke being poured over granola?  What’s the appeal?  Is it a short cut?  Have the things of religion moved beyond supplemental to substitution of Jesus himself?  Can a God’s gym t-shirt actually take the place of God in our life?  How does this stuff work… or not?

On Sunday, I’ll be unpacking a key text found in Mark 2:18-22.   You may think this text is somewhat familiar.  I believe God will surprise us all as we gather.  What’s at stake for you and Kingdom advancement is huge when it comes to the deadly killer of religion.  Are you willing to let God work within the deeper parts of your guarded soul?   Are you ready to give up the surface stuff to move into a deeper, EPIC walk with Jesus?

I’ll see you and some friends on Sunday!


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