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EPIC | “What Is The Attraction Of Religion?”
October 28, 2012
Alan Scott (Lead Pastor, CCC)


Name something that doesn’t fit (correspond) with:  peanut butter, a pristine lake, a young newborn, a rock band, and a Sunday morning church service.  Name something in the news that isn’t a fit… doesn’t correspond… or is weirdly inappropriately matched.

Read Mark 2:18-22.   What is inappropriate in this passage?  Can you articulate what the Old Testament concept of fasting represented?  How was it attached with the Day of Atonement and the coming Messiah?

Why weren’t Jesus’ disciples fasting?   Why would Jesus say that someday his disciples would?  How is this fasting different from the Old Testament idea of fasting?  What have been your experiences with fasting?  What does fasting mean to you?

Can you explain the cloth and wineskin metaphors?  How does the idea of religion fit into these metaphors?  Why is religion and it’s trappings attractive?  Why does religion never work?  Do you know someone who has been pummeled by religion?  What happened?

What needs to happen in your life to pursue Jesus and not religion?  What either keeps you from or would enable you to pray (fast) with a heart of “Maranatha”?   What’s at stake with this?  Who, in your circles of influence, needs you to go beyond religion?

How has this text impacted you, and have you decided to do (or change) anything?  In what way can your community group help you and hold you accountable?  What would you want them to pray for you?  Tell them and pray!

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