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EPIC | “Seizing or Settling”
October 14, 2012
Kevin Cash (Guest Speaker)


1.  What is the largest, craziest crowd you’ve ever been a part of – a sporting event? Concert? Rally?  What are some of your recollections about being around that large group of people?

2.  Read Mark 2: 1-12 and discuss the following:  What clues do you find in the text that suggest that the people bringing their paralyzed friend to Jesus already knew a good bit about him?  What do you think their perception was of Jesus?  Their expectations?  Do you think they saw Him as a healer?  As more than a healer?  What does their extreme behavior (tearing up the roof) suggest about their perception of Jesus?

3.  Religious people in Jesus’ day saw physical disabilities as indications of God’s displeasure with an individual – as a result of their sin.  How do you think if felt for the paralyzed man to be lowered into a room in which many of the people present had that opinion?  Have you ever felt similar feelings when you’ve been around religious people?

4.  The first thing Jesus communicates to the paralyzed man is that he is forgiven.  There’s at least a few seconds between the time that Jesus pronounces the man forgiven and the time he heals him.  How do you think the man might have felt in between forgiveness and healing?

5.  Jesus said that he was healing the paralyzed man so that people could know that his message of forgiveness could be relied upon.  Besides the spectacular events like this miraculous healing, what other things does Jesus do in the lives of his followers that substantiates the truth of the gospel – what are the evidences in the community of Jesus’ followers that Jesus message is true?

6.  We talked about three phrases from this passage on Sunday morning:
a.       Seeing their faith
b.      Sins are forgiven
c.       So that you may know
Which of those phrases resonates with you most given your current journey with Jesus?  Is it a desire to see your faith in Jesus have a greater impact in your day to day behavior?  Is it your need to rest in the gracious forgiveness of Jesus? Or is it your desire to be available for Jesus to work in your life in whatever way He chooses so that others may know that He is true?  What practical steps are you taking to take next steps in that area?

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