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When I first saw Sherry playing oboe in a Cincinnati Christian University orchestra, I was smuhhhhhitten.  Wow.  Working up the nerve to actually talk in our college hallways was quickly followed by a tenuous date proposal.  With a “yes” in hand, I was prepared to move heaven and earth to make a lasting, eternal, romantic, impression.

Date one turned into date two which turned into a sweet kiss on a hill overlooking the entire city of Cincinnati.  Schhhhhweeeet!

With skyrockets bombarding the very rhythms of my heart, I vowed to swim the deepest oceans and climb the highest mountains for but the possibility of spending my life with a Hoosier babe transformed into my loving wife.

Funny… some twenty-five years later, I have a hard time doing the dishes for the very same woman I claim to still love.

Remember when Jesus first grabbed your heart?  Remember when His love transformed the deepest parts of your very soul.  Remember when you’d go anywhere and do anything if your King gave you Kingdom orders… exactly because of your intense and real love for Him?

Funny… years later, Jesus followers just like me struggle with giving, serving, or even speaking the very name that once transformed the rhythms of their heart.

How’s the fire of your affections for your Savior these days?  Burning brighter?  Needing stoked a bit?  Snuffed out by the stuff of life?

Let’s gather on Sunday and challenge each other with our Jesus affections.  We’ll be taking an in depth look at Mark 2:1-12.  We’ll lift each other up in grand worship as we lift high the name of Jesus.  It will be good for our hearts.

Doubting Jesus’ love for you?  Try clicking here to soak in Third Day’s “Love Song.” Swim in this poignant song for a few minutes.  Then bring yourself and a hurting friend to CCC come Sunday.

Blessings Ya’ll,

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