Baptism Sunday

I’ve been listening to hymns this morning. They were stripped down. Piano and vocals. “Jesus Paid It All.” “Holy, Holy, Holy.”
Whew. Those are some rich lyrics. They don’t require a large band, strobing lights, and wispy fog to crack my cable-news-hardened heart.

Why was my soul enthralled? What was it that warmed and awakened my inner man? Perhaps it was the great vocalists? Maybe the production quality was undeniably compelling. Or maybe…

It was the lyrics that really grabbed me. Lyrically, the songs were all and only about Jesus. Him. His work. His power and sufficiency.


I’ve noticed how much of Christian music and literature can be about everything but Jesus. It’s mostly focused on me. I can get MY worship on and become the best ME that I can be.

Sunday is baptism Sunday. It’s all about Jesus. It’s all about His work. It’s about His death, burial, and resurrection.

For many, baptism is all about what THEY did. How THEY got saved. How THEY walked the aisle, said some words, and GOT baptized. THEY grabbed onto THEIR ticket into heaven.

But we are saved by grace. Faith. Jesus. His work. Baptism is submerging ourselves into His work. Baptism is plunging ourselves into Jesus’ death and character and life and reputation and resurrection. Jesus is God’s YES to us; baptism is our YES to Jesus.

Our text this Sunday is Romans 6:1-14. It’s all about Jesus and our response through baptism. Have you been immersed into only Him?

I’m praying many will apply the fullness of the Gospel and respond through baptism. Bring a friend or two. I’m expecting God to do some great things in our 9 & 11 a.m. gatherings. I’m excited to teach.

AND… I would encourage you to come a little early (you can listen to some great tunes from the band). Our worship, communion, and teaching will be on the front end with plenty of response time on the back side. Please prepare your heart and come a bit early for this very special Sunday.

See you soon, my friends.



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