a glimpse towards Sunday 7.29.16

We serve a living Jesus who fills.  “And the church is his body; it is made full and complete by Christ, who fills all things everywhere with himself.”  (Ephesians 1:23)

I am full.

Each year, Cumberland blesses my family and me with a summer study break.  The purpose is to be filled.  I anticipate this great time each year.  And when it’s over, I’m full.  Perhaps better language is: “Ready to explode!”

Sunday is Firehose Sunday.  I’m asking God to help me communicate the filling He’s done inside my head and heart.

drinking-from-a-firehose (4)

Typically, a summer study break takes a look at culture, where CCC and Christ’s Church is, and where, with His grace, we could be.  This year’s break was no different.

Would you come Sunday to drink from a firehose.  That sounds weird, doesn’t it.  Can you actually drink from a firehose?  It’s a strong metaphor, but one I’m willing to use because there’s a large piece of my heart that will be laid out on Sunday.



There’s a problem CCC can solve.

There’s a vivid picture to paint.

Our hearts need stirred.

May our moving forward be God-sized and not Alan-ized.

Firehose Sunday.  You comin’?  If so, bring a friend or two.  Let them see Christ’s Church making a difference in our world.  Our text will be Jeremiah 29:4-11.  Jeremiah led in a culture of chaos.

Think there’s any chaos these days… besides the two political conventions recently endured??

I’m excited to gather and see you on Sunday.  Firehose Sunday.  9 & 11 a.m.


Weekly Giving |7.24.16

$28,675.75 (F. I. A. Sunday)

Weekly Need $39,700.00

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