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My kids understand me as an authority in their life.  For the most part, there’s not a huge struggle attached to my position of authority.  Homework, room cleaning, dog care, setting the dinner table, getting to bed, and occasional vacuuming are authoritative directives garnering little to no resistance.  Admittedly, however, asparagus and spinach salad tests the real mettle of my authority.  All is good in the end because my authority “do’s” and “don’ts” are meshed with a relationship we all enjoy.

This week, my authority as dad shifted into a different gear.  Morgan, my 14-year-old, red-headed monster, has been grieving the passing of Charlie.  Charlie was Morgan’s pet turtle.  For the past 5 years, Charlie has kept us company from his gurgling filtered tank.  On Tuesday, we found Morgan sobbing uncontrollably with the loss of her almost-southern, genteel, reptilian friend.

Sherry’s exercised her authority over Morgan by holding her while absorbing tears on her shoulders.  Morgan seemed to bend quite easily to that authority.  I snagged a few Braves tickets and took Morgan on a Major League Baseball escape journey.  My authority believed a break from the crisis would do my daughter good.

Funny how good authority works.  When it’s right, sometimes there are directives concerning things to do and some not to.  With genuine authority, there’s a solid shoulder to cry on when needed.  A loving authority can often dictate a much-needed break from routine when life becomes overwhelming.  Having authority meshed together with a great relationship makes it all work.

What’s your perspective on authority?  Jesus displays ultimate authority in Mark 1:21-34.  Do you fight the authority of Jesus with John Cougar Mellancamp style, or do you see it all differently?  Sometimes Jesus’ authority guides us in our actions.  Other times His authority absorbs our tears and gives us the escape of grace.

On Sunday, we’ll be looking at how the authority of Jesus and his large gospel story can impact and even change our stories.  You need a better authority for your life?  Need one with broad shoulders and a good grasp on necessary escape?  Come explore Jesus this Sunday at CCC.

Bring a friend!  Our dance team will be doing a great, original piece to an EPIC Gungor song called “Wake Up Sleeper.”  You won’t be able to… sleep, that is!


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