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There was a day when I dreaded the man.  I envisioned his large hands around my throat as I said good-bye to my pitiful life.  I fearfully called him Big Jack behind his back.  He was twice my size, raised Angus cattle, and killed other animals roaming wild in his backyard.  To Big Jack, I represented those city folk whose weak constitution could never survive the rugged terrain of southern Indiana.  I fumbled and bumbled in Big Jack’s presence.  He would surely squash me like a bug because I lack the right stuff to git-r-dunn.

As the planets of my love life began to align, Big Jack was lining up to become my father-in-law.  Yikes!  Would this mean sleeping with one eye open for the remainder of my obviously short-lived life?

Nah.  It’s all good.  Jack is a great father-in-law.  I won him over with my boyish charm, willingness to cheer for I.U. basketball, and promise to treat his daughter like the queen she is (under threat of my liver).

These days, I look forward to Big Jack coming to visit.  In fact, I tend to line several projects up for Sherry’s dad to, uh… help me with.  It’s weird how I begin to really need something about the same time Big Jack is scheduled to show up on our front door step.  Amazing.

How’s your project list?  Need anything these days?  How often do you come to church really needing something to happen?

Often times what we need to happen is related to our marriages, finances, kids, jobs, and health.  Our real life project lists can take on deeper and more serious tones than anything I ask Big Jack to help me with.

How does the power of God flow through our lives in ways that things really do begin to happen?  Intrigued yet?  Will you bring your project list to church this Sunday?

We’ll be diving back into our EPIC series by considering Mark 1:35-45.  It’s interesting to see Jesus’ strategy as large Kingdom things were happening around him left and right.  Can we employ some of these same strategies?  I think so.

I’m always pumped for our gatherings.  I’m excited to teach.  I hope you’ll bring a friend.  We’ll git-r-dunn!  See you soon.


(p.s. –  I think you should seriously consider our Night of Worship this Sunday night.  I’m confident it’ll blow you away!  Click here to find out more)

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