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Sherry makes up a mean batch of barbecue cups.  Golden, flakey, pie crust molded into single cup servings with BBQ and cheese.  Oh man, there are never leftovers when the ole BBQ cups hit the Scott dinner table.

In fact, Michael has a hoarding type strategy when it comes to this dinner table delight.  He’ll load up his plate with 2-3 BBQ cups, and if threatened by looming sisters, he’ll lick each one to claim absolute and unquestionable ownership.  Even if we did have leftovers, they would be off Michael’s plate, and nobody would want to eat pre-licked BBQ cups.

The problem here is classic.  Ownership.  It goes way back to when we were but mere toddlers uttering our first words, “Mine!”  In reality, it goes all the way back to Adam when he preferred ownership of the garden and ownership of his own destiny and ownership of wanting to be God himself.

How did that all go for a man with no last name to even claim as his own?  Not well, if memory serves correctly.

We’ve been watching the recently released DVD series “The Bible.”  Our evenings have been captivated by the quality The History Channel put into this effort.  Although given certain creative liberties to cover the breadth of such undertaking, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey produced an intriguing piece of film with this series.  We’re into it!

What I’ve noticed as we’ve trekked through the stories of the Old Testament and crept towards the New, is how ownership always rears it’s ugly head.  God will bless, but man (and women) always wants to claim ownership.  Stewardship is rarely a consideration, but exactly what God asks of us.

As I’ve sat and judged people like Abraham, Moses, Saul, David, Samson, and others… it’s been the age-old problem of ownership creating havoc and removing God’s blessings.  Upon further review, I have the same battle.

Everything I fight within marriage, parenting, finances, church, relationships, and health are issues of ownership.  Jesus had much to say about this dynamic, and we’ll be taking a closer look at it all this Sunday as we dive into Mark 12:1-12.  You should read through this parable of the tenants beforehand.  Where would you place yourself within the players of the story?  Are you a BBQ cup licker who won’t stop at anything until ownership is established?  Are you an obedient steward who listens to messengers along the way?  What have you done with the Stone?

I’m excited to teach come Sunday.  We’ll have a rockin’ choir and another wild, God-thing 180 video.  I hope you’ll come with a friend.  (And please be praying for and inviting people to “Back To Church Sunday” on September 15th!)

Blessings On Your Friday.  See you Soon!


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