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I got my braces off in 2006 just before moving back to Atlanta.  I had spit and sputtered on people in Colorado as I did my preaching, and had hoped to avoid the same shhhpecial pitfall in Georgia.

With my braces off, it felt wonderful to speak without spitting.  Eating chewy, gooey food never tasted as good as it did with my braces forever removed from my face.  My teeth were aligned, and therefore my life.

The last thing my Denver orthodontist yelled as I was running out his door was, “Don’t forget your retainer.”  Wait.  What the what?  Retainer?  Why on earth would my mouth be subjected to more torture?  Did I NOT pay the guy enough?  Apparently, as my masochistic dental pro advised me… teeth have memory and will want to move back to their former state of disarray.  My retainer would keep my teeth in a constant state of alignment through ongoing realignment.

I never wear my retainer.  Oh… every now and then when my teeth are showing signs of great memory, I’ll put on my oral prisons of plastic.  After an overnight session or realignment, my teeth are a bit sore but nevertheless straight.

Someone once said, “Religion happens when people believe they have no more need for realignment.”  In the book of Mark, prophets like John the Baptist and Kings like Jesus were always pushing for realignment.  Our focus on a small, selfish gospel of good works often negates an EPIC story of God from engulfing us.  We need realignment too.

On Sunday, we’ll be taking a look at Mark 11:27-33.  Jesus is pushing for spiritual realignment with some religious dudes who don’t think they need it.  Jesus’ pushing them will push us come Sunday.  If we let it, Jesus’ authority and story will seriously affect ours.  I hope you’ll come in for a bit of realignment.

You should bring a friend… and sit down front.  I might be wearing my retainer.  If I should happen to spit on you, you’ll get the news and weather together!  But… my teeth will be sooo realigned.  Perhaps, come Sunday, we’ll all be realigned…

I’m anxious to teach on this holiday weekend.



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