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I remember when mobile phone devices were first introduced.  My father-in-law owned the first one I’d locked eyes on.  It came in a big, black bag.  He stuck an antenna on his van, plugged in a quirky coax cable, and an emerging world of convenience had begun.  A new world of convenience beyond Mr. Coffee was dawning.

Those beginning pangs of tech and convenience paved the way for the flood of cell phones seen at any concert, baseball game, or high school graduation.  The ability to stay connected, communicate, and to be highly social through media is in the palm of our hands.  Convenience has blossomed into full bloom.

Last night I saw one of those texting-while-you-drive commercials.  A young man killed when he texted, “I love y…”  Convenience has blossomed into full gloom.

It’s quite the social study of how convenient things can sometimes evolve into regrettable tools of self-destruction.

In Mark 11:15-19, Jesus shows a major flash of anger when things of religious convenience began to erode the very presence of God the ancient Jerusalem temple was designed to facilitate.  On Sunday, we’ll dive into the practical ramifications of this crazy convenient text.

How convenient has church and religion and things of God become for you?  Some believe our pursuit of self and comfort has take precedence over our thirst for God.  There is a prevailing attitude among Christians who believe their happiness is God’s big purpose.  With such a worldview, recreating God in our image of comfort and convenience begins to erode the very presence of God from our lives… again.   Is it any wonder Jesus gets incredibly vocal and upset at such displaced conveniences?

Are you willing to let Jesus rattle your chains of convenience?  Are you willing to give Jesus permission to turn over the tables of your world in order for His presence to be real?  Let’s gather on Sunday to challenge and decide.

Bring a friend or two.  The music (complete with a DJ) will shake and wake us up to experience Jesus.  I’m excited to teach and be with you at 9 & 11 a.m.

Blessings Ya’ll,


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