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I never understood why my dad wore a flat top haircut.  I still don’t fully understand how barbers made those things of wonder happen.   I also wondered why adults back in the 70’s were all about keeping up with the Jones at various levels.  Spanking certainly was a hard concept for me to understand as the 60’s paved the way into my teenage years.  Fidgeting in church was always frowned upon by my parents.  Why?  What harm could a little holy fidgeting between hymns cause?  And… one more thing.  Can you really have too many Hot Wheels cars?  This was the cry of mom and dad every time I wanted to buy another.

Pleeeeeez.  I’m glad culture has evolved and I am a more enlightened species in a brand spanking new century.  Of course, I do use the magic of blue goop for the wonder that is my hair.  Facebook posts sure do seem like our pursuit of the Jones’ stuff is alive and well.  My kids still need occasional disciplinary whacks.  Just last week, I yelled across the stained-cement atrium to Michael, and asked him to stop running (a more violent form of church fidgeting).   And… you won’t believe the collection of tiny metal cars my son has lined up in his bedroom.  Why would he want one more?

Hmmm.   Who said, “Some things never change?”  Probably my mom and dad as they watch me from a safe distance and LAUGH!

On Sunday we’re taking a dive into Mark 12:18-27.  This is a powerfully quirky passage about the resurrection.  In ancient days, there were many belief systems (or lack thereof) concerning the resurrection.   We still have many the same today.  Some things never change.

The resurrection should absolutely change everything, but many change their perspective on the resurrection because they don’t want to change their lives.  Did you follow that?

I hope you’ll bring a friend this weekend to our 9 or 11 a.m. services.  Conversations about the resurrection are always challenging and always necessary.  Our EPIC gospel falls apart without it.  We are fully restored with it.  Come be challenged by Jesus’ words concerning the resurrection.  Come celebrate the resurrection months before Easter.  Wear a 70’s silk disco shirt.  I hear they’re coming back.  Some things never change.

Blessings Ya’ll,


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