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In so many ways and in at so many levels, I’m still processing through last Sunday.  How about you?  Tom McGuinness’ story blew anyone and everyone away at our CCC gathering last week.  You can click here to watch the entire service, again.  You can click here to watch just Tom’s video story, again.  Amazing.  Hard.  Challenging.  Yea, God.

As a dad, I’m incredibly challenged to make sure I’m passing down a legacy of faith that is sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see.  I want my daughters and son to have a legacy of faith from me, and pointing to our God.

After last Sunday’s God-ordained gathering, I couldn’t help but wonder what my son,  Michael, would or would not say if he ever had to read something at my funeral.  THAT is a sobering and motivating thought.

I want to do good things for my kids.  I want to be excellent as a dad.  I want to leave a trail of goodness from me and to a Greater Father.

Sometimes… the Scott kids go against my wishes and hopes.  Sometimes disobedience creeps in and rattles Sherry’s and my parenting efforts.  Ever wonder why we, as dads, get so upset when this stuff happens?  It feels like rebellion.  It feels like our efforts are being trashed.  It feels like treason within the family ranks.  It feels like, sometimes, our kids would rather just flip us off than look at us.  Ugh.

Do you believe God leaves a breadcrumb trail of goodness to point us back to him… as our Dad?  I’m sure my rebellion and disobedience feels like treason in light of his magnificent parenting efforts.  WHY do we rebel?  WHY do some choose His stuff and not Him?  I’d bet Jesus feels like we’re flipping him off.  What do you think?

Why do we behave in such ways towards our very Creator?  Figuring THAT out may be a necessary step to stop.  But then… what DOES our God require from us?  What does He want?  Is going to church enough?  Does tithing put us over the top and even things out?  Are we good then?  If I feed enough homeless people, am I good to go?

On Sunday we’ll be looking at a text most people think points to politics and government (Mark 12:13-17).  I think there’s very little political fodder here, but much challenge about Who Jesus is and what is required from those who follow Him.

It’s going to be a great follow up Sunday… coming on the heels of last week.  I’m anxious to gather with you, see you, and teach.  Bring a friend!  9 & 11 a.m.



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